Unity插件 – 交互式表面跟踪 Mesh Tracker

File size:19.5 MB

Version: 2.0.0

Support Unity Version:2020.3.40 or higher

Create amazing interactive surfaces with just a few clicks. Built in RP and URP.


Mesh Tracker is a complete surface tracking solution based on displacement, tessellation and vertex manipulation. This plug-in allows you to create any type of advanced interactive surface for any platform. The plug-in is ready for Unity 2019, 2020 and 2021.


-GPU-based systems (Shader with tessellation)

-CPU-based system (Vertex operation, multithreaded)

-Simple surface drawing with grayscale texture

-Interaction with particle systems (collision events)

-No programming skills required (Simple drag-and-drop, for designers)

-Additional “track creator” tools

-Virtual reality and mobile readiness

-URP compatibility

-Complete documentation

-Complete example demonstration of