Unity插件 – 库存系统插件 Inventory Plus

File size: 72.5 MB

Version: 2018

Original Unity Version: 4.3.0 or higher

Inventory Plus is designed to cover all basic aspects of any inventory system for role-playing games, adventure, first-person shooter, or any other game. Provides you with complete control and professional visuals. Some of the features of

Inventory Plus include: -AAA visual inventory, equipment and production-Robbery and drop scene system-Production system, including recipes (RPG games) or free mode (adventure games)-Player equipment and statistics-Drag and drop inventory, Items between equipment and craft windows-stackable items to predefined limits for each item-customizable in-game tooltip window-nine preset skins (more) or easily customize your own skins-More than 120 configurable parameters-You can set the experience level of using, making and equipping any item-Optional weight modes for inventory-pick, drop, Customizable sounds for errors and equipment-Automatically save/load inventory content-Professional custom editor-Working on Unity and Unity Pro-Working on noble (left click not implemented)-Infinite project database of equipment and consumables-Project icons automatically generated from prefabricated items with transparent backgrounds! – Three plunder modes, mouse clicks, buttons and automatic collection-Define the minimum activation distance for spoils-Define your own player statistics and their values in the project-Customize and apply changes to inventory in the scene-Professional recipe editor. Projects can be combined or broken down into other projects-easily translated into any language. Localizable string class. – Fully documented APIs and third-party integration