Unity插件 – KWS 水系统(HDRP 渲染)KWS Water System (HDRP Rendering)

2024.01.06 Updated version

file size: 121.7 MB

version: 1.4.04

support Unity version: 2020.3.1 or higher

Water System is a module-based component that allows you to simulate water surfaces such as oceans/oceans/rivers/lakes/ponds. Water System is targeted at PC/console platforms and HDRP rendering. Programmable Render Pipeline (SRP) compatibility Please remove old versions before updating

! This version of


is only compatible with HDRP rendering and is not compatible with the computational shader support required by Standard built-in/URP/Mobiles/VR/WebGL

and HDRP10 +

Water rendering uses physical approximations for light/wave simulation and is based on physical parameters such as wind force, turbidity, transparency, and dispersion. Therefore, water renderings should look correct in any scene, such as day, night, at sunset, or in a cave. Characteristics of



has multiple cascaded GPU waves to simulate (to avoid tiling) the physical approximation of illumination (Volume light and shadows, absorption, scattering, caustics, sunshade) Physical approximation of reflections using fast screen space projection reflections (several times faster than other SSR methods), camera plane reflections, cube map (probe) reflections with dispersion Physical approximation of refraction in screen space (using water IOR) Physical approximation of caustic soda relative to water depth and waves (with dispersion). Partially submerged underwater effects Corrosive underwater parasol/volume lighting Shoreline waves rendered with foam particles Flow rendering using flow graph (integrated flow graph renderer) Fluid simulation of static objects (rivers) with foam rendering using splines River system buoyancy dynamic ripples rain effects Various grids: Infinite grids (ocean), finite boxes (pool), spline rivers, custom grids Lod system with mosaic writes depth buffers (for correct aftereffects such as “depth of field”) Video/text descriptions of each setting in the editor. Fog compatibility with third-party assets such as Expanse, Time Of Day, Enviro, and Atmospheric height fog (one-click).