Unity插件 – 景观设计师 Landscape Builder

File size: 240.7 MB

Version: 2.4.7

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.25 or later

Professional editor extension used to build program environments. Mix procedures and manually placed preforms on one or more terrains.

Landscape Builder is a professional editor extension to Unity 2020.3.25+, 2021.x, 2022.x and 2023.1 to create realistic, detailed and consistent landscapes. Landscape Builder combines procedural algorithms with handcrafted user controls, allowing you to easily create an entire world tailored to your game requirements. The

landscape generator is designed from scratch and works seamlessly with multiple Unity terrains, allowing you to create and control all aspects of the landscape: terrain, texture, trees, grass and object placement, as well as essential features such as lighting and water. Simple to use but powerful, Landscape Builder is the ultimate landscape design and creation tool for any game developer in Unity: artist or programmer, amateur or professional, beginner or veteran.