Unity插件 – 启动管理器 Startup Manager 2

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Version: 2.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.6 or higher

Use the Boot Manager (our extensible plug-and-play solution) to automatically set up your game system when your application launches! Describing

When creating persistent systems that need to be available throughout the application life cycle, a common approach is to create initialization scenarios that include them. This works perfectly for build, but the editor has a big drawback during development-every time you want to test a scenario, you need to open the initialization scenario first, which can become quite time-consuming in the long run. This is why we created the Boot Manager! The

startup manager provides you with a simple way to set up and initialize a persistent game system at application launch-without having to initialize scenarios, you can even work from any scenario in the editor. Say goodbye to the initialization scene and work faster than ever!

For version 2, we redesigned the system to make it more modular and extensible, and introduced a new powerful feature called “Boot Configuration Files.” They contain your launch object definitions and can be easily switched in the editor. This allows you to create different configuration files for prototypes, debugging, or release during development and easily change them as needed. In addition, you can extend the system by writing your own custom configuration files, allowing you to configure the game’s launch process as needed!