Unity插件 – 关卡创建工具 BMT Building Maker Toolset

File size: 858.5MB

Version: 1.07b

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.30 or later

An efficient workflow for placing walls, fences, and pipes in levels. The

BMT Building Maker Toolset provides a custom workflow for creating buildings and placing prefabricated parts.

If your game requires some buildings with interiors, or if you are a level designer and want to make your workflow more efficient, then this may be an asset for you.

This toolset is paired with more than 200 prefabricated parts such as walls, cables, pipes, etc. All prefabricated parts are distributed with PBR material. The texture resolution is 2K. Built-in rendering pipeline, compatible with HDRP and URP.

Efficient: You can place a wall with just one click, without having to flip through the project folder, drag it into the scene, and adjust the rotation.

Multifunctional: It’s not just for placing walls. If you want to decorate your levels with pipes, cables, or other props that must be lined up, this toolset is perfect for the job.

Extensible: You can easily set up any modular build set to use this toolset.