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2024.03.25 updated plug-in version

file size: 1.0MB

version: 3.2.83

original Unity version: 2022.1.9 or higher

what is Octave3D? Octave3D is a powerful collection of prefabricated capture and drawing tools that can be seamlessly integrated into a level design package to give you an interesting and meaningful experience while creating a beautiful and cool environment in real time.

how does it work? To speed up the level design process, Octave3D allows access to a powerful preform management system that allows you to manage preforms by category and label. Coupled with a preform name filter, you can easily use the interface and select the preform with a click of the mouse. No need to search for complex folder hierarchies! once the

preform is in place, generating objects in the scene is as simple as clicking the preform preview to activate it, move it around the scene with the mouse, and then click the left button to place it. You can also use a mouse and hotkey combination to rotate and scale the preform. This WYSIWYG interface is particularly intuitive and is one of the most powerful features of Octave3D.


also have good news, which is not limited to 3D objects. All functions can also be used with 2D wizard! can

adsorption create a modular environment? No problem! Use the pivot point snap system to snap objects to the grid, or promote snapping to a whole new level, use object-to-object snaps, quickly stitch multiple objects, and use modular components to create an environment. Quick generation, no need to guess!

props are placed. In fact, all the environments you want to build need to be decorated with props. If you’ve ever used the move / rotate / scale auxiliary icon to accomplish the same task in the past, you know how tricky and time-consuming it can be. But this problem no longer exists, because Octave3D can do all this! With the Decor Paint function, you can easily generate props on the grid and terrain. As long as you use the mouse, you can easily move the active preform in the ideal location and click the left button to place it easily. Use the axial alignment function to place objects along the surface.

prop placement also supports stroke alignment, an incredible utility that supports a stroke of paint objects and allows them to align strokes automatically. Perfect for fences, debris, etc.

prefabricated brushes to create a beautiful outdoor environment can be a useful experience for every game level designer, but if not done well, it can be time-consuming and energy-consuming. Prefabricated brushes are designed to minimize level design time by enabling you to associate these preforms with a brush that can be used to draw a series of preforms on the terrain. Use slope settings to cover areas you want to ignore, and a host of other settings that allow you to create a beautiful environment in real time!

Symmetry sometimes, you need to build an intrinsically symmetrical environment. You can use the mirroring function to automatically fill symmetrical areas to avoid repeating the same operation. Let Octave do this!

tiles use the path and code block overall placement function to create tile-based game levels. Use tile connections to easily create walls, fences, and similar structures.

in short, Octave 3D aims to transform the level design process into what it really is: fun, fast, and simple. It handles tedious details and supports you to focus on important issues, thus saving you a lot of time!

main functions: prefabricated categories and labels; mesh snap; object to object snap; easy placement of props; prefabricated brushes; object groups; symmetry; support for multi-layered environment; tile connections; object selection; single and batch erase tools; snap and draw masks; 2D wizard support Level optimization (grid combination); … And more!