, Unity插件 – 关卡设计世界建造者 Prefab World Builder,


2024.05.20 plug-in update version

file size: 2.5MB

version: 4.01

support Unity version: 2019.4.36 or higher

Prefab World Builder makes level design and prop placement faster and easier. The

PWB provides you with a complete set of tools for placing and editing objects.

prop placement tool

fixture tool: place one object at a time. Provides you with shortcuts to quickly rotate or scale objects from different points, including the corners of their bounding boxes. Allows you to level the terrain and clear trees and details under new objects.

Brush tool: place a large number of randomly scattered objects. Ideal for drawing leaves (details, trees, rocks).

gravity tool: a physics-based placement tool. It allows you to add objects to your scene in a more organic and natural way.

Line tool: place objects along the Bezier path. Ideal for easily creating fences.

shape tool: places objects along a shape (circle, triangle, square, or polygon).

tiling tool: arranges objects into a mesh. Ideal for creating floors and walls.

Replacer: replaces objects around the cursor with preforms from the selected brush.

eraser: erases objects as if they were in the drawing editor.

selection tool

selection tool: it adds handles to the vertices of the bounding box of the selected object. Extend and supplement the functions of the unified transformation control. Allows you to rotate and scale the selection from the corners and midpoints of the selection bounding box as well as from custom local points.

Extrude tool: creates a copy of the selected object in the direction defined by the handle.

mirroring tool: creates a mirrored copy of the selected object. ” The

grid and the capture tool

help you build a modular environment.

allows you to edit the position, rotation, and spacing of the grid. ” The

grid can be rectangular or radial.

palette tool

palette selector: allows you to switch brushes by selecting objects in the scene.

thumbnail editor: allows you to edit the orientation, scale, background color, and lighting of prefabricated thumbnails displayed in the panel.