, Unity插件 – 本地化系统 I2 Localization,




file size: 1.9MB

version: 2.8.22 f2

original Unity version: 2019.4.0 or higher

this is the most complete localization system available to Unity.

supports Unity UI, Unity 2D, TextMesh Pro, NGUI, 2D ToolKit, SVG Importer, standard components (Standard Components)

localization supports images, text, sounds, fonts, sprites, atlas, preforms, text grids, drop-down lists, and more.

automatic translation has built-in Google translation support, which can automatically translate tags into any language. ” The

Google spreadsheet and the CSV file link to an external spreadsheet and automatically download any changes even after the game is released.

detects and fixes error parsing scenarios to find missing or unused translations and repetitive or similar terms. ” The

sub-object translation sets secondary terms that can change not only text and images, but also fonts and atlas for each language. ” The

callback and parameters can be modified to insert scores, names, and game variables according to language syntax rules. ” The plural of

has built-in grammar rules for each language, from languages that only use the singular and plural to languages that contain six transpositions. ” The

RTL (Right To Left) language uses line wrapping and alignment features to correctly render the RTL language

to save memory and create fonts using only the text you use. Link resource bundles to add more localized content.

simply and efficiently edits and previews all translations in the same location, running only when the current language is loaded. Use the Quick View feature for access. ” The

reuse translation sets the text to automatically display uppercase, lowercase, sentence capitalization, word capitalization, and so on.

dynamic translation in the game API is easy to use, can translate chat messages and other dynamic text

application name and store localization to translate your game name into all languages And in the Android/IOS store to display your game supported language

simple and powerful editor intuitive inspector can help you preview, edit, classify, create, parse and filter large amounts of source data. ” The

compile time check bakes translations into script constants to avoid spelling mistakes when editing code.

Playmaker accesses and adjusts localized elements and switches different languages

through several operations