Unity插件 – 魔法粒子材质插件 Living Particles

2023.11.21 Updated plug-in version

File Size:99.2 MB


Support Unity Version:2018.4.24 or higher

“”This is the ultimate resource pack containing fully customizable particle shaders that can adjust any attribute and create unique effects. All special effects can be used in almost every game. You can create real-time ground that responds to player movements, or add real-time environmental effects. The resource pack also uses Unity’s Shuriken particle system, so any parameters can be adjusted. Particles can be influenced by one player and several players without losing a lot of performance.

-Support for mobile and VR-34 complete visual effects prefab-Array shader variant-PBR shader variant-19 gradients-More than 50 textures and noise-Different ground modes-Support for linear and Gamma-HDR support-Delayed and forward rendering-12 visual effects grids