Unity插件 – 材质编辑器 Lux URP Essentials

2023.4.25 update file size:186.0 MB


support Unity version:2019.1.3 or later

Lux URP Basic Edition provides hand-written and optimized HLSL rendering and custom nodes for the Shader Graph. It narrows the gap between HDRP and URP by adding missing advanced lighting patterns and many other rendering features to cover most use cases.

environment-related shaders parallax terrain, mesh terrain, grassland (Including efficient grass displacement that does not require a second camera, URP only), leaf, rock, water and tree creator

advanced materials and lighting skin, hair, cloth, transfer, clear coat, glass, fluff, cartoon lighting, simple plane shading, light and shadow particles, and light-receiving extension and light-receiving super

effects fast contours, Edge-based animation highlights, hidden surfaces, screen coordinate decals, billboards and volumes

Shader Graph is suitable for custom nodes for cloth, transport, clear coating, transparency, cartoon lighting and plane coloring, and its functions are equivalent to some convenient auxiliary nodes, such as programmatic random sampling