Unity插件 – Mega Shapes

File Size: 48.6MB

Version: 2.49

Original Unity Version: 3.5.0 or higher

MegaShapes also provides you with a scattering system that scatters any objects you choose onto your road and automatically adapts them to the surface of an existing grid. Other systems included are a complete Bessel spline creation system and transform those splines into meshes, dynamic hoses, tracked vehicle systems, basic rope and chain systems, and path tracking.

MegaShapes feature-Advance Bezier splines-Max, Maya and Blender custom spline exporters-Animated spline supporters-Animated splines within Unity-KML and SVG importers-Based on advanced layers Lofer-12 different Loft layer types-Make your loft on terrain-or have terrain automatically fit your loft-Vertex colors support loft for easy texture blending, etc. -Updates to loft in real time-Change the spline at runtime, And your loft will change-complete API for creating and editing spline curves at runtime-allowing multiple cross-sections per loft-full multi-material support-dispersing objects along the spline-rule-based loft layers-loft systems, easy to move loft-spline mesh options, fill, tube, Ribbon, etc. -Dynamic hoses-Tracked vehicles-Full object splines The following options-Connecting rigid bodies to splines-Physics-based ropes and chains-Draw splines and examples at runtime