Unity插件 – 近战战斗系统 Melee 2 | Game Creator 2

File size: 40.0MB

Version: 2.1.9

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.11 or higher

Use weapons or bare-handed to chop, kick and crush enemies!

This module requires Unity 2022.2 and Game Creator 2 to run.

Create a melee combat system with the simplest and most powerful tools available! Define different attack phases, cancel frames for each attack animation, and create combinations and rules to execute them!

-Each skill is a separate asset

-Define the expectation, attack and recovery phases of each attack

-Easily create combos and connect skill attacks together

-Respond to attacks received

-Create synchronous knockouts or terminators!

-Multiple action options for each skill

-Use the rules defined in the Shield asset to block and parry attacks

-Avoid attacks and play custom visual effects

-Keep the character balanced during attacks

-Built-in input buffers to help players ‘attacks

-Inter-frame collision prediction to avoid ghosting attacks

-Lock in and loop through enemy

-Use any number of weapons at any time!

first equip the character with arbitrary weapons. Each weapon contains its own combination data that is used to determine the rules and order in which to run each skill.


skills are assets that represent attacks and can be linked together. You can set attack phases, animation cancellations, and other visual effects on its visual sequencer tool.

Use Game Creator’s visual scripting tool to interact with melee modules and create the combat system of your dreams! From slow and organized attacks to fast and agile attacks!


source code examples and templates