, Unity插件 – 网格合并器插件 Mesh Combine Studio 2,


file size: 1.5 MB

version: 2.997

original Unity version: 5.1.5 or higher

Mesh Combine Studio is a cell-based automatic grid combiner that can greatly improve game performance. Can be applied to any type of game on any platform.

function:-supports Unity 5.1,2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x and 2020.x and above. -supports all platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL, etc.)-supports standard rendering, URP, and HDRP. -supports all grid formats supported by Unity (.fbx, .obj, .dea, 3ds, .skp, etc.). -easy to use, the inspector with tooltips, clear at a glance. -reduce drawing calls-performance-optimized and advanced multi-thread merge work manager, which occupies the lowest memory and is easy to use GC. -supports cell-based mesh merging, which is very suitable for culling, z-sort and LOD adjustment. -can be used as a faster alternative to Unity static batch processing, which can greatly improve performance. -fully automatic merge, like Unity static batch processing (but with more options), without repeated manual merging with a few clicks. -Lightmaps for real-time and baked GI are widely supported. -saves Lightmap texture space and memory by removing geometry. -automatic LOD compatibility. The LOD of each cell is adjusted to achieve higher performance and reduce LOD mutations. -No vertices or triangles are added to the original mesh. -removes geometry under any surface (terrain and / or mesh). For example, rock can reduce geometry by more than 35%. -use the expansion pack “MCS Cave and drape” to remove overlapping geometry, plus the parts removed under the terrain, resulting in a total reduction of 60-75% of geometry. -removes the back culling geometry on the background geometry (invisible to the camera). This can automatically reduce more than 50% of the geometry, plus the removal of the interior and lower parts of the terrain can be reduced by more than 80%. -the original game object components can continue to be used, such as scripts, Colliders, etc. -automatically switch between render merge and the original game object, and it can also be easily restored. -merge in the editor and / or at runtime. -merge dynamic meshes (multiple meshes within a moving part can be merged into one grid). -support negative scaling and double shadows. The runtime console can test and find the fastest merge settings (builds can be used to test real performance improvements, which are higher than in the Unity editor). -multiple MCS preforms can be applied to different settings, such as different cell sizes, removing geometry, and so on. -there are a variety of search criteria to choose which game objects with grids to deal with. Correct filtering conditions can better improve performance and save memory. -contains source code. -Runtime API.