Unity插件 – MicroSplat Polaris Integration

File size: 56.3 mb

Version: 3.9.7

Original Unity version: 2018.1.0 or higher

MicroSpats ‘Polaris integration module allows you to use MicroSpats with the Polaris Low Poly Terrain Engine

After installation, MicroSpats can be used as a replacement for the terrain shader included in Polaris. Simply click a button in Polaris with MicroSpat-installed and install this module, and your terrain will be set to be textured with MicroSpat-installed.


support all MicroSpats modules, except the humidity, puddle, stream and lava modules and the terrain mixing module. Telling and per-pixel normals are also not supported.

requires the installation of MicroSpati framework and Polaris Low Poly Terrain Engine