Unity插件 – 移动交通系统 Mobile Traffic System

File size: 86.6MB

Version: 1.3.10

Original Unity Version: 2019.4.40 or higher

High-performance and easy-to-use transportation system that makes any driving game more interesting in just a few clicks. Set up without coding and provide detailed video tutorials. Main features of



high performance-300 cars on Android devices in 2018 (tested yourself). No coding skills required. Support at traffic lights. Priority intersection support-the car decides on its own to wait or enter the intersection. Roundabout support-Cars wait until the roundabout is free. Narrow road support-cars wait until the lanes are clear before changing lanes. Overtaking-If the road has multiple lanes, the car will automatically overtake. Building avoidance-If a car hits a building, it will try to recover on its own. Customizable car attributes-acceleration, maximum speed, braking speed, steering angle, etc. Variable number of wheels-ranging from 3 to the number you want. Automatically allocate cars-just push a button. Speed Routes-Set speed limits for certain lanes or areas, and all cars will follow them. Car types-Assign different types to cars, and you can restrict traffic on certain roads based on the type of car (for example, trucks are only allowed to drive in the first lane and are not allowed to enter the city). Car light support-main lights, brake lights, signal lights, backup lights that work automatically. Sound support-Basic engine sound for each car based on acceleration and speed. Hard shadow support-useful if you need more performance. Custom editor tools-Many editor windows make the integration process as smooth as possible. Simple API for advanced functions.