Unity插件 – 模块化相机插件 Pro Camera 2D

2024.03.20 Updated plug-in version

File Size: 2.0 MB

Version: 2.9.6

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.46 or higher

Pro Camera 2D is a modular camera plug-in that allows you to provide the best camera solution for any 2D or 2.5D game. Built from scratch, has flexibility, performance, and has been combat tested in many games!

-more than 20 extensions and triggers! – The best modular 2D camera solution-No need to pay for unused features-Fully documented and full source code available-Hundreds of reviews are rated with an average of 5 stars-Regularly updated with new features and fixes-Time-tested on all Unity-supported platforms

ProCamera2D is a Unity plug-in that lets you quickly set up a camera for any 2D game. It supports all 3 axes (XY, XZ, and YZ) as well as orthogonal or perspective cameras, making it ideal for all types of 2D and 2.5D games. It has a strong focus on performance and extensibility from the ground up, which means you can use it on all platforms (including older phones), and you can easily extend to meet your needs if the included extensions/triggers are not exactly suitable for your game.


are newly launched! – Support for Unity 2019-Timeline integration of