, Unity插件 – 模块化多人 FPS 引擎 Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Photon 2) (MMFPSE),


file size: 524.6 MB


original Unity version: 2018.4.36 or higher


314 Arts Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Photon Version) provides everything you need to create your ultimate multiplayer PVP first-person shooter in Unity. Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine is an advanced FPS suite that was developed with the use of multiplayer games in mind-not ported from a single-player controller to multiplayer games.


modular design allows you to easily exchange and / or add new content. Abstract classes allow you to easily modify existing systems and easily create new ones. New features: use the new prefabricated system to easily modify the UI element

game mode: death fight mode team steel gun mode occupancy mode all game modes have complete robot support new functions: multi-team support (more than two teams)

weapon system function: X-ray shooting physical bullet shooting bullet penetration firing mode: semi-automatic, automatic, New left-hand IK function of melee grenade: rigid body bullet (originally used for grenade launcher But can also be used for bullets)

player functions: basic movements (sprint, run, walk, Squat) Swimming footstep terrain support footstep physical system player model custom

game function: player-based robot upgrade / unlock third person mode new function: assist system

includes weapons: assault rifle (FAL) pistol (M1911) shotgun sniper rifle (M40) single grenade Flash bomb smoke bat

UI function: room browser pre-game hall (CoD) mini-map photon friend mobile control (note: the default graphics of this suite are not optimized for use on mobile devices. ) New features: use TextMeshPro text (the project requires access to TMPro software packages through Package Manager)

World function: ammunition generation weapons generation life supplement package generation door system kill and damage zone leave the combat area new functions: powder keg

other functions: voice chat support self-hosted Photon server for injecting custom script event system! Powerful plug-in system for adding player model editor tool new function: basic statistics system new function: target pool

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