Unity插件 – 模块化多人游戏引擎 Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Mirror) (MMFPSE)

File size: 530.9 MB

Version: BETA

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.26 or later

contains everything you need to start using your own multiplayer (and single player) first-person shooter game! Mirror networks are now used for authoritative design. Currently in the testing phase.

314 Arts ‘modular multiplayer FPS engine (mirrored version) provides everything you need to create your own ultimate multiplayer PVP first-person shooter game in Unity. The

modular multiplayer first-person engine is an advanced FPS suite that has been designed for multiplayer games since the beginning-it is not a single-player game controller ported to multiplayer games. The

modular multiplayer FPS engine MMFPSE (mirroring) requires a main server/connection service to work. By default, it uses Unity Game Services Hall/Relay Services for this purpose.

Please note: Manual import of images is not required and is not recommended. The modular design of


allows you to easily exchange and/or add new content. The

abstract class allows easy modification of existing systems and easy creation of new systems