Unity插件 – 模块化道路 Modular Roads Mobile

File size: 15.5MB

Version: 1.1

Original Unity Version: 2017.4.34 or higher

Modular Road Movement Package is designed to easily create complex urban roads in your mobile or VR/AR games.


-a complete set of urban roads: two-lane roads with parking areas, four-lane roads with parking areas, X-and T-intersections, 22.5, 45, 90-degree turns, various types of sidewalks, rendered effective road markings made of opaque geometry.

-96 topology optimization modules.

-There is only 1 material. All grid volumes are drawn in 1 draw call (using static batch processing).

-Customize mesh and box colliders.

-2k PBR texture: albedo, normal, mirror gloss.

-Mobile bump surface shaders include Standart and SRP pipes.