Unity插件 – 摩托车物理引擎 Motorbike Physics Tool file size: 7.7 MB

version: 1.5.6

support Unity version: 2020.3.7 or higher

This package is for anyone who wants to use the motorcycles and player models they own and quickly turn them into drivable motorcycles without having to write any code.

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In this tool, it allows you to use any bicycle model you own and turn it into a drivable motorcycle without having to write any code. Great for those who want to own bicycles in the game but don’t want to learn how to make them.

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The project contains 18 pre-written scripts and thousands of lines of code that will save you from creating your own bicycle physics, camera controllers, bicycle selection, Nitrous, Speedo, etc. The project contains a manipulated role that you can use or replace with your own at will. Support for slip marks, tire smoke and slip sounds, but not slip sounds. If you want to try and understand how it works, then all the code is well commented. Bicycle scripts contain many different variables that you can change to give each bicycle you make a different feel, handle, and acceleration. The kit contains 5 prefabricated bicycle parts, all set to be drivable immediately. Or read or watch the tutorial to learn how to create your own. Also included is a ramp package, a test scenario with a bicycle selection menu and speedometer readings.