Unity插件 – 多人生存游戏开发 uSURVIVAL – Multiplayer Survival

File size: 310.1MB

Version: 1.82

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.21 or higher

usSURVIVAL-A multi-player networked survival resource from the uMMORPG creator. The


survival genre benefits from the popular games DayZ, Rust, PUBG and Fornite, and survival games are far more popular than before. Very popular among players and developers!


are a kind of excitement for players, lurking in abandoned cities, avoiding and surpassing other humans, rather than completing one Npc mission after another. For developers,


are similar to creating a sandbox for players to interact with, rather than pouring a lot of resources into repetitive task lines, monster types, and levels. Why did


choose uSurvival? uSurvival is the world’s simplest and most easy-to-use player multiplayer survival engine for only one reason: 99% of player multiplayer networking projects fail because they are too complex.

For individual developers, it is crucial to keep the code and architecture extremely simple.