Unity插件 – 导航网格生成器 NavMesh Generator

file size: 10.3 MB

version: 1.1d

Original Unity version: 2018.4.29 or later

When you are working with terrain, you may need to design some areas to be suitable for walking, while others are not. At this time, you need to define and generate a corresponding model to bake navmesh.


to avoid the need to build these models manually or export the terrain to external software for editing. NavMesh Generator can help you quickly and uniformly define walkable areas and bake the corresponding navmesh.

Note: The sample house model does not exist in the asset. (For demonstration only)


-Generates a grid based on your masks and draws. – You can modify and restore terrain back and forth. – Automatically segment into multiple models for maximum accuracy. – Very easy to use. – Support terrain and model objects.