Unity插件 – 网络通信插件 Best HTTP

File size: 2.5 MB

Version: 3.0.9

Original Unity Version: 2021.1.28 or later

Best HTTP is an asset designed to simplify complex and resource-consuming requests. It improves project efficiency, ensures secure communications, and integrates seamlessly with the Unity ecosystem.

Best HTTP is Unity’s ultimate networking solution, designed for developers who need versatility and power. It is seamlessly compatible with 2021.1 and later versions of Unity and provides unparalleled cross-platform support covering desktop, mobile, UWP and Web browsers. With its advanced feature set, it goes beyond basic HTTP requests to provide support for HTTPS, HTTP/2, and provides flexible and versatile request result processing through traditional callbacks, Unity coroutines, and modern asynchronous waiting models.

Best HTTP not only has universal compatibility and no special server settings, but also has advanced features such as caching, multiple authentication methods, cookie management, compression, streaming and rich customization options. Its built-in analyzer is its most prominent feature, giving developers in-depth understanding of memory usage and network operations to ensure optimal performance and facilitate debugging. In contrast to


, Best HTTP outperforms UnityWebRequest in many ways, from its advanced DNS caching capabilities to its structured diagnostic logging. Whether you are developing simple applications or massively multiplayer games, Best HTTP ensures that your network operations are efficient, secure and consistent. With source code inclusion and powerful documentation, developers have all the tools they need to successfully implement the network.