Unity插件 – Ngui ACTION+ for PlayMaker

file size: 68.5KB

version: 1.0.8

Original Unity version: 4.3.4 or higher


on Playmaker on Unity 4.5.2 and Ngui 3.6.8-Add Set Depure 2D, Set ScrollView, Draggable Object, Set th, etc. for each NGUI object. These operations included in this package are very convenient PlayMaker operations for the NGUI, HUD text and its components (Sprite, sliders, tabs, progress bars, and input fields), as well as additional operations that help you export information to the GUI faster and easier. – Automatically create dragable objects. – Updates multiple-any type of tag text without having to convert to a string-changing tag text randomly or multiple times after an interval, sprite colors-all types of Tween, guiding game performance and running independently. .. Simply put, you can unlock powerful NGUI features faster than ever before.


each action has its own tooltip to explain its role. You can also quickly view sampleScenes that have been set up using these actions.