Unity插件 – 数字和文本弹窗特效 Damage Numbers Pro

2024.03.30 Updated plug-in version

File size: 12.3 MB

Version: 4.3.1

Support Unity version: 2019.4.20 or higher


-Easy to implement (2-3 lines of code)

-5 custom ASCII fonts (bonus)

-Pool and thread optimization

-Several preset buttons (Styles, fade-ins, and behaviors)

-facial camera function (3D)

-through object rendering function (3D)

-consistent screen size function (3D)

-soft collision function (propagation pop-ups)

-highly customizable fade-ins.

-Lerp or Speed Motion

-Follow Gameobject Feature (Keep offset for transformation)

-Vibration function

-Start rotation function

-Rotation function over time

-Scale by digital characteristics (Larger numbers = larger scale)

-Scaling function over time

-Push function (Push nearby pop-up windows by offset)

-Combination functions (Combination and addition)

-Destruction functions (Clear existing pop-ups)

-Many text formatting options

-Can display decimal numbers

-Use tooltips and tips to clean the checker

-Use TextMeshPro

-There are many smaller features…

wb: assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/gui/damage-numbers-pro-186447