Unity插件 – 混淆器专业版 Obfuscator Pro

file size: 768.5KB

Version: 5.1.2

Original Unity Version: 5.6.1 or higher

Obfuscator Pro is designed to improve the security of software and games, especially applications built with Unity. The main goal of


is to hide your own proprietary source code and third-party compiled dotNet assemblies. We support all known platforms, whether stand-alone or embedded. What are the functions of the professional version of the

obfuscator? The

Obfuscator Pro is designed specifically for Unity and takes into account Unity’s unique features such as MonoBehaviors, ScripttableObjects, Serialization and Reflection, giving you a powerful yet simple and out-of-the-box obfuscator.

Obfuscator Pro features include:

-member name change:

-> Namespace

-> Class (Also a subclass of MonoBehaviors and ScriptableObject)

-> Method

-> Field

-> Property

-> Activity

-String obfuscation

– Add random codes


-tamper resistant (mono)

-ControlFlow obfuscate (mono)

-Complete obfuscation of workflow customization

-StackTrace anti-obfuscation feature allows recovery and debugging of the most secure assembly