Unity插件 – OCC效果插件 Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion

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File Size: 8.0MB

Version: 3.5.2

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.0 or higher

HBAO is a post-processing image effect used to add realism to your scene. It helps highlight small surface details and reproduce light attenuation due to occlusion. Programmable Render Pipeline (SRP) compatibility

Horizon-based Ambient Light Occlusion (HBAO) is a post-processing image effect that adds realistic effects to scenes. It helps highlight details on small surfaces and reproduce light attenuation after obscuring. The AO provided by


HBAO is more accurate than other SSAO solutions on the resource store without any performance penalty.

This algorithm is highly optimized to utilize the shortest GPU time and provide the highest quality-to-performance ratio. This resource includes color bleeding and time filtering functions. Gaia extensions are available.


compatibility: ·Standard rendering pipeline, forward and delay·Universal rendering pipeline 7.1.8+(Unity 2019.3+)·High-definition rendering pipeline 7.1.8+(Unity 2019.3+)

These effects can be scaled to achieve appropriate performance. The source code is included in the resource pack.