Unity插件 – 原生态安卓开发插件 Android Native Goodies

File size: 4.3 MB

Version: 1.8.5

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.16 or later

Android Goodies is a collection of a large number of Android-native methods that help you integrate Android features that are not available in Unity. Advantages of


: The clean and flexible API of

does not override Unity’s default activityEach API method is documented. Contains complete source code and well-written documentation


APP Interactive

“·Display all alerts, set all attributes of alerts, or set timers

·Open other applications by package, Watch the YouTube video

in the native application·Create a calendar event with all necessary parameters or open the calendar application

on the provided date·Call or directly dial the phone number and check if the user has a phone application.

·Open the map location and address, and check whether the user has the map application


·Open any system settings screens


·Share text, text + images, videos, tweets, emails, text messages, etc. locally, check whether the user has installed Twitter, SMS or email apps

·Share directly to the most popular messaging apps

·Select a photo from the gallery app and save the picture to the gallery

·Take a photo with your camera and get images

·Video, sound or any file selector.

·Contact selector

·Copy text to the clipboard

·Print images and HTML documents