Unity插件 – 轮廓光 Ultimate Outlines & Highlights

File size: 68.8 MB

Version: 2.4

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.17 or later

Use” Ultimate Contour and Highlights “to take your game to the next level. Easily add selection highlights and effects such as contours, glow, overlay, and Fresnel effects to any game object. Description

overview Easily add custom selection highlights to your models, whether they are simple or complex. Choose to fine-tune the look from a wide range of options and make it your own. Use effects such as outline, glow, overlay, edge and transparency to make your 3D/2D objects stand out. The main features of


are easy to use. Extremely flexible. Each feature can be customized based on the object, and you can combine them in any way. Includes multiple fill effects, or you can create your own fill effects. You can exclude specific subgrids. Allows you to influence a single or group of objects. Support sprites and cutting objects. Optimized for mobile devices. Allows you to preview the effects in the editor without having to enter playback mode. Suitable for orthogonal and perspective cameras. It can be used in both HDR and LDR environments. Comes with integrated C#classes and coroutines to help you create various effects without requiring additional assets. Includes built-in trigger classes. Provides sample code and usage to make it easy to integrate into your project. The


assets do not support URP 2D renderers. The lowest supported version of Unity is 2020.3. Single instance rendering and WebGl are not supported.