Unity插件 – 参数化建模 Archimatix Pro

File size: 208.2 MB

Version: 1.3.6

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.10 or later

Archimatix is a powerful, node-based Unity parametric modeling extension that helps you quickly create mutable props and rich mutable environments.

Archimatix comes with a number of game-ready example models with interactive handles that allow you to manipulate forms in real time. For example, you can drag a handle that contains the length of Villa Apresto, and more columns and arches will be automatically added to the model.

You can also scroll through your own parameter objects specific to your artistic direction. Archimatix has a node diagram editor that makes all the functions of modeling logic within reach. No coding required!

Having said that, Archimatix also provides a simple turtle based scripting environment that allows coders to define custom parameter shapes using scene handles and the C#API for developing custom nodes. An important feature that

Archimatix provides artists is its rich 2D shape operations such as 2D Boolean operations, offsets, rounding and thickening. The resulting composite shapes can be used to generate complex grids and paths for distributed objects.

main features·A node-based graphical editor with an intuitive user interface·Parametric shapes and object libraries·The library projects you create can be shared via email·Interactive editing using scene view handles·Very fast real-time editing, even for large models·Grid capture·Nested node groups· 2D shapes merge, thicken, Offset and rounding·Relationship to mathematical expressions·Free-form curve editing·Turtle scripts for custom parametric shapes·Texture scales and moves to align duplicate textures and atlas·Automatic UV mapping and UV2 unfolds·Texture pixel budget display·Material support·Collision body and rigid body control·Static flags per node·Automatic mesh combination for each material·Level of detail control·Prefab creation