Unity插件 – 跑酷游戏开发模板 2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine

File size: 199.2 MB

Version: 1.9

Support Unity version: 5.3.5 or higher

Infinite Parkour Engine is a highly customizable, optimized and easy-to-use solution that provides you with everything you need to create unlimited games. It comes with a large number of complete examples (platform games, track runners, etc.). Fully mobile/touch support, creating unlimited games has never been easier. What can the


infinite running engine do? Create the unlimited games you want: This resource comes with a large number of universal classes that you can customize to your needs-optimized for mobile, high performance, objects can be looped and available anywhere! – Built-in example: The Infinite Run Engine comes with a large number of complete games, resources and classes available at any time! – Handle all the difficult parts: achievements, object collections, generators, camera controllers, game states, events, multiple characters, selectable objects, high scores and more! – Very easy to use: Adjust engine core objects directly from the checker. There is also-complete documentation of all classes, the entire code base has been annotated, and a video tutorial.

Whether your idea for infinite running games is a horizontal rolling and fast-paced running game like Roof Run, a curved running game like Ski Adventure or Flying Wings, or a third-view game like Temple Escape, this resource can help you.