Unity插件 – 感知系统 Perception 2 | Game Creator 2

File size: 10.1MB

Version: 2.1.2

Original Unity Version: 2022.3.11 or higher

Resource Pack Dependencies: Game Creator 2

allows characters to see, hear and smell the world around them

Use perception components to let your character understand the world around them.

This component allows the addition of multiple sensors, allowing characters to read scenes and react accordingly. The


visual sensors allow characters to see the tracked objects in front of them. Including the main viewing cone and peripheral viewing cone, the detection speed can be changed as the object moves away.


light can optionally affect how much a character sees other objects using the brightness system.


auditory sensors allow characters to respond to noise. Each noise can have its own label and intensity, and can be masked by environmental noise (called Din). The


odor sensors allow characters to capture odors left by other objects and trace traces like breadcrumbs paths.


All of these sensors constitute a universal consciousness meter that indicates how much a character knows about another game object.


also include an evidence system that allows characters to respond to changes in the world. For example, a guard may notice that a player has opened a door. The


characters can also exchange information to make them seem like a team.


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