Unity插件 – 具有太阳系和行星的星系系统 Persistent Galaxy Generator with Solar Systems and Planets

File size: 14.6 MB

Version: 3.0

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.37 or later

Using this Galaxy Generator, you can immediately access:

-The entire galaxy generated procedurally

-3 types of galaxies: Circular, spiral and irregular galaxies


-many options such as galaxy size, maximum number of stars, number of spiral arms in spiral galaxies, number of planets in each solar system… and others!

-Every star in the Milky Way is a solar system

-Each solar system is procedurally generated and can contain X planets

-Each planet is procedurally generated

-You can easily export and load galaxies from a JSON file.

-You can customize the planets generated, such as the type of planet (gas, or whatever you want) or the rarity of the planets in the Milky Way.

-You can navigate in and out of the solar system

-You have a customizable RTS camera script that you can use to move or zoom

-You have a name generator that generates solar system names or planet names

-You have 2 nebula shaders

You can use this generator as a starter kit for any type of 3X, 4X or anything you want!