Unity插件 – 光子模块 Photon Module (Game Creator 1)

File size: 3.8MB

Version: 0.3.7

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.20 or later

Create a multiplayer game in minutes. Convert your offline games to online games with just a few clicks.


This resource is a module developed by Game Creator that seamlessly integrates Photon Unity Networking 2, allowing you to complete the networking of games with just a few clicks without writing any line of code.

Note: Dialogue is an extended feature of the game creator and cannot run without the game creator.

·Complete character synchronization (position, rotation, speed, jumps, etc.)·Full control of player attributes and room attributes via actions.·Sync actions and variables with a click.·Sync character attachments.·Cached prefabricated list editor makes it easy to add prefabricated items for network instantiation.·Item selection system. (Very useful for power supply or inventory or task modules for game creators.)·Contains actions, conditions, and triggers that can be used with any other Game Creator module.·Built-in editor debugging tool that can view connection status, player attributes, room attributes, etc.·Built-in statistical module integration.·Compatible with all game creator modules.·Detailed documentation.