Unity插件 –  物理坐标变换编辑器 Grabbit – Editor Physics Transforms

File size: 9.8MB

Version: 2023.0.4

Original Unity Version: 2022.1.24 or later

Get more realistic effects and save a lot of time, using physical principles to place objects in the scene.

Grabbit is an innovative modern morphing and level design toolset for Unity. With its powerful editor physics system,


provide you with a unique way to design level and build the world more efficiently.

You can move and organize scenes more efficiently and save work time with our flexible physical Rabbits.

Using only transform tools to place objects is cumbersome and time-consuming.

With our physics-based solutions, you can create organic, natural scenes faster than using traditional transformation tools provided by Unity.

Grabbit helps you place objects, saving you a lot of time to complete cumbersome tasks in the past.

You don’t need to use Rigidbodies or Colliders on objects, Grabit will take care of everything and keep your scene clean.