Unity插件 – 物理交互工具包 Hurricane VR

2023.05.09 Update

File Size:121.7 MB


Original Unity Version:2019.4.1 or higher

Hurricane VR is a complete VR interaction framework that places great emphasis on high-quality physical interactions. The physical hand is controlled by an adjusted PD controller that enables smooth and responsive hand physics, high-quality collisions, two-hand holding, throwing, and interaction with physical objects.


-supports all major headphones, XR plug-ins, Unity 2019 and higher versions, allowing you to target multiple devices and platforms.

recently updated:

-Posture area

-Socket direction UI assistant for multiple socket types

-Haptic enhancement of collisions between guns, hands and force grabber, handheld and handheld objects

-Force Grabber and Hand Grabber hover and grab postures

-posing a swap mechanism on the object being held. Knife in hand!

-Advanced sting system with customizable sting difficulty and friction

-New example scenarios for loading asset functionality demonstrations.