Unity插件 – 基于物理的角色控制器 Physics Character Controller

2024.05.11 Updated plug-in version

File size: 14.8 MB

Version: 5.0.0

Support Unity version: 2019.4.2 or higher

physical-based role controller is a feature-rich, highly customizable rigid body-based role controller that is very easy to use and/or customize out of the box

physical-based role controller is a powerful and simple role controller based on a unified physical system. Players can easily interact with the physical environment, move and push objects, slide on surfaces, climb, jump walls, etc.

is simple: Install the package, assign a ground layer to your floor, and reference it in the Character Controller (if you are using AnimatedController), and you’re ready to get started! The package is suitable for users who want a simple plug-and-play solution, as well as developers who want to add their own modifications to existing code. What do


include? The


package contains: a

player model and a multiple obstacle grid humanoid animation model containing prefabricated folders of all “core” components 2 example scenarios that guide users and allow them to experiment with character controllers and find the best combination of parameters to meet their needs.

The main features of this software package are:

Basic characters in the third and first person. Action players can move the character and rotate the camera players can jump, climb walls, slide walls, squat, Climbing and sprinting camera solutions to avoid clipping with objects in the scene Capsule-based collisions and simple interpolation motions allow players to walk on rubble and irregular terrains allow players to walk on flat terrains with varying normals allow players to move up within certain angular constraints. Slope ground capture allows players to stick to surfaces and slopes allows players to move on steps Support rigid body interaction (within a specific height set by the player), allowing the player to move and collide with rigid bodies Support and ignore specific layers Contains prefabricated parts that simulate viscosity Limits acceleration and deceleration Platforms include bouncing platforms include rotating platforms that keep the player rotationally locked allows the player to climb ladders