Unity插件 – 物理系统的越野摩托车 Simple Motocross Physics

File size: 600.9MB

Version: 1.3

Original Unity Version: 2020.3.14 or higher

AAA Motocross Physical Assets, designed for the new generation of games. Develop high-fidelity motocross games equivalent to some 3A games. Based on the foundation of Unity’s Joint Physics, different types of motorcycles can be easily ridden while maintaining high performance.

animated rigging v1.0.0 is used for customizable IK to accommodate any riding style. Program/algorithm generated IK.

What’s in the package:

+ 6 motorcycle versions

+ 1 prototype environment. [Excluding the environment shown in videos and display pictures]

+ controllers, IK and animation scripts

+ 5 different riders with different cloth textures

+ 3 animations, All other animations are program animations

+ Editor scripts to help set up custom roles

+ Movement controllers

+ 15 scenes

+ 8 pages of document