Unity插件 – 画面质量优化插件 DLSS – Upscaling for Unity

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Version: 1.2.3

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.29 or later

Use DLSS to optimize and increase frame rate! The tool works its magic by amplifying lower-resolution input to generate high-quality frames. This improves performance with little to no quality loss! Description

uses DLSS Upscaling for Unity to enhance your frames!

DLSS is an upgrade technology that creates high-quality and high-resolution frames based on lower-resolution inputs. By using it, your project can run at significantly reduced resolutions without losing visual quality and increasing frame rates!

If your project is limited by GPU performance, DLSS will provide you with higher frame rates. If a project is limited by CPU performance, all it does is reduce the GPU workload. While this may seem like a big limit, it also means that laptops will use less battery power when using DLSS!

easy to use

Just drag our DLSS components onto your camera and get started!


built-in and URP are simple drag-and-drop operations. The

DLSS has been extensively tested using all default Unity post-processing, but we cannot guarantee that all custom post-processing resources will be available out of the box. If you encounter problems with custom assets, please contact us and we will see if we can help add support for it!