Unity插件 – 像素分解特效插件 Disperse Pixels

File size: 12.2 MB

Version: 1.12

Original Unity Version: 2017.3.0 or higher


pixel decomposition allows you to simply decompose the pixels of a module, floor plan, interface button or interface text into hundreds to thousands of particles or smoke, and use the built-in sword particle system to dissipate them, which in turn enables the collection of particles to achieve a physical effect. Just add the customized script for this resource to the object containing the module to be decomposed.


This resource contains different styles of decomposition effects: pixelization, sand or smoke (suitable for ghostly teleportation). There are a total of 21 preset effects and the manual explains how to create custom effects. The fineness of the module to be decomposed does not affect the decomposition effect, and this resource does not apply tessellation to encrypt module vertices. There is an optimized version for mobile phone performance. There are also 13 sound effects with preset effects, all of which are 44khz sampling and dual channels.