Unity插件 – 植物渲染器 Foliage Renderer

File size: 73.4MB

Version: 1.2.0

Original Unity Version: 2021.3.29 or higher

Plant Rendering is an alternative renderer to Unity terrain trees and detail rendering, using instance indirect rendering for faster rendering. The

plant renderer replaces Unity Terrain’s tree and detail rendering with faster indirect rendering paths. Characteristics of



-based rendering that frees up a lot of CPU time

“-based terrain detail flow and culling

-based block culling

-based HI-Z occlusion culling

in BiRP, HDRP and URP-With LOD Crossfade support, Supports up to 4 LOD

s” and

per object-supports LOD


for Unity terrain details-supports single-channel stereoscopic rendering


-the ability to pass terrain height, normals and albedo, as well as user-defined per-terrain data to the vegetation shader.

-Customize shaders and shader code to allow objects to conform to the terrain

-Customize shaders and shader code to allow objects to be shaded using the albedo of the terrain

-Can overload the visible and shadow distances of each object

-Can overload the maximum LOD usage, For faster shadow rendering

-Compress data structures to speed processing and reduce memory usage


with vegetation engine shaders-Includes its own shader and a stackability of better shaders, which supports albedo tones, terrain matching, wind animation and instantiation support.

-Shader graphics nodes for adding indirect instance support to existing shaders

-Shader patches for modifying external 3rd party shaders

-Convert existing terrain to vegetation renderer

-Contains all source code