, Unity插件 – 程序关卡生成器 RoguelikeGenerator Pro – Procedural Level Generator,



file size: 11.9 MB

version: 3.0.0

original Unity version: 2019.4.2 or higher

Roguelike Generator Pro is a feature-rich, highly customizable level and dungeon generator that allows you to create

programmatically using GamObjects, Tilemaps or custom solutions. What is it?

Roguelike Generator Pro is a powerful but simple level and dungeon generator. This resource allows you to create 3D/2D/2.5D levels programmatically using GamObjects, Tilemaps, or your custom solution. The asset also provides out-of-the-box solutions for collisions, high changes, basic controllers, sub-randomizers, etc.

how do I use it?

simple: install the package! If you want to provide a demonstration scene with more highlights, it is recommended that you also install unity PostProcessing. The package is suitable for users who need a simple plug and play solution and developers who want to add their own modifications to existing code. What does


include? the

package contains:

core generator seed generates multiple role controllers (2D controller, 3D controller, MouseLook… ) multiple out-of-the-box scripts that randomize and instantiate 6 sample scenarios of a player / target Prefab folder containing multiple VFX resources for generations, guiding users and allowing them to experiment with the generator and find the best combination of parameters to suit their needs. Let’s start with the Sc generator. The main features of the software package


to create simple non-directional wall / floor elevations to add customizable patterns to floor tiles add customizable patterns to add random tiles to the floor add random tiles to the wall to enable block orientation to add details to generation, draw corners and edges on wall tiles and floor tiles and easily change the generation rules. Create what you want to use the game object / block map or use your custom solution to generate manually filled tiles to achieve final generation control out-of-the-box 2D and 3D collision solutions generate multiple levels customizable tile size / level size / percentage of levels to be filled in the same scene at the same time sample game management for positioning players and targets Multiple randomizer scripts can further randomize the generation of many off-the-shelf assets that can be reused in your project