Unity插件 – 程序地形地景生成器 World Creator Professional

file size: 30.2 MB

version: 2.7.1

original Unity version: 2019.3.9 or higher

World Creator is a professional program terrain generator that can be used to create vivid virtual 3D environments in games, movies and works of art. ” With a range of powerful authoring tools and increased efficiency, real-time editing in viewports, random terrain generation, and more,

makes terrain generation faster and more interesting than ever before.

the state-of-the-art terrain generator generates any kind of terrain you can imagine. Hills, mountains, ridges, terraces, canyons, lunar landscapes, deserts, straight peaks, plains, planetary landforms, sand dunes and so on. World Creator comes with many filters that can be combined to create an unlimited variety of terrain. Each filter has several settings that can be adjusted, each of which has an impact on the final terrain. These filters can be used within a specified terrain height or slope, giving you complete control over the design process.

Design your own terrain graphics use Unity terrain tools to design your own terrain graphics and use World Creator to make it look real.

tiling system World Creator has launched the most powerful tiling system ever seen, creating not only vast landscapes, but also the real world with different biological communities, including full support for input terrain areas, allowing you to seamlessly paste input terrain into this new world.

Rivers and roads create highly customizable rivers and roads that fit perfectly with the terrain.

enhances existing terrain to import height maps or existing Unity terrain and uses World Creator to make them look more realistic. With a single click, you can turn a low-resolution terrain into a high-resolution terrain that looks real. You can even infect the graphics themselves to achieve dazzling artistic effects.

texture painting uses your own or third-party textures to artificially color the terrain based on terrain slope, height, mask, cave, sun direction, sea level, and other standards. Controls how textures are combined to achieve AAA visual effects. The World Creators texture generator is hierarchical-no more annoying compositing problems!

object placement uses a dedicated artificial generator to fill the terrain with its own or third-party trees, plants, and other objects. Various settings, such as terrain slope, terrain height, masks, caves, sun direction, sea level, and many other settings, can be used to create amazing natural terrain with rich plants and many details. You can even let World Creator place objects only according to the specified texture!

erosion and deposition contains highly customizable erosion and deposition filters-fully GPU-driven and can be used in real-time mode. World Creator is one of the first terrain generators to apply erosion and deposition effects in real time.

terrain presets every terrain you create can be saved as a terrain preset, can be shared with friends or sold in asset stores.

texture masks and object placement masks use masks to specify texture generation and vegetation distribution. Masks can be edited in real time-using a set of predefined brushes or directly using your own custom brushes.

cave-based texture generation and object placement through cave features (for example, you can use it to select potholes and more) describe in depth where textures and objects should be placed, and

post-processing operations apply post-processing operations to further adjust the terrain to the situation. This operation can be used to level the terrain within a specific radius of the location of the scene object-ideal for placing buildings, etc. The

real-time Berlin noise generator creates masks using the integrated Berlin noise generator in the terrain design process. These masks can be used to perform texture masking or terrain placement masking.

hot maps are visualization tools that can help you a lot during design time. Start them and see which areas of the terrain are affected by specified operations, such as terrain filter settings, texture generation, and object placement. In addition, they speed up the whole generation process!

high noise masks can be used to create irregular transitions when compositing textures at a specified height.

terrain masks create multiple topography on a single topographic map, which is a unique feature compared to other terrain generators! Masks can be edited in real time-using a set of predefined brushes or directly using your own custom brushes.

high-speed GPU World Creator generation is undoubtedly one of the fastest terrain generators available because it takes full advantage of the power of the graphics card. Generate giant terrain in milliseconds.

real-time terrain generation switches to real-time mode and sees in the viewports how each slider used to create terrain graphics instantly affects the terrain. Design the terrain as soon as possible and have pure fun!

has a resolution of up to 4096 World Creator so that you can create terrain with a resolution of up to 4096 pixels, pushing Unity’s terrain engine to the limit!