Unity插件 – 程序化关卡生成工具 Dungeon Architect

File size: 65.9MB

Version: 1.20.0

Original Unity version: 2019.4.0 or higher

Characteristics: -Program level: A large number of program levels can be generated with just one click-Runtime dungeon: Generating dynamic dungeon at runtime-Theme: Using an active graphics-based themed approach to interactively design the look and feel of a dungeon-NavMesh: Generating a dynamic navigation grid. There is also a navigation agent implementation for moving the AI bot along the navigation grid-Painting tool: Draw your own dungeon layout in the editor for more artistic control and let the environment automatically build around it-Volumes: Use various types of volumes to influence the dungeon layout-Terrain Modifier: Modify and draw terrain according to the dungeon layout program-2D support: Create 2D levels using the same workflow. The theme engine supports the sprites of 2D games-scripts: Add your own logic to any theme map node to control how props are filled in the scene. – Source code: Complete source code access and documentation-Extensibility: Designed to be modular and extensible (for example, the dungeon generation algorithm can be easily exchanged with another algorithm and work seamlessly with the rest of the pipeline)-Example content: Contains free modular assets to help you get started quickly. Sample games help demonstrate various functions of Dungeon Architect (runtime program dungeons, dynamic navigation grids, AI agents that use navigation grids, etc.).