, Unity插件 – 程序化关卡生成器 RoomGen – Procedural Generator,


file size: 34.6 MB

version: 2.6.2

original Unity version: 2021.3.11 or higher

can quickly and easily generate levels at the click of a button. Use a modular tile set to generate rooms and landscapes in seconds. Completely customizable, no code, just drag and drop.

RoomGen is the easiest and fastest way to create fully decorated rooms or dense landscapes for your game. Configurable presets allow you to fine-tune details while creating reusable templates so that you can create endless changes from the same assets.

* New * Room tile weight

the new weight system allows you to assign weights to each square in the level, providing finer control and a more organic feel for room generation.

* New * object-specific spacing buffer each decoration object in the

preset can now specify a spacing buffer to ensure that no two items are too close together. Useful for arranging objects on walls, placing treasures throughout the room, etc. The new methods of

runtime generation and API

allow you to easily regenerate levels using your own scripts, just a few lines of code. The change will be reflected immediately! Update room size, offset, seeds, etc., at run time! New levels are generated each time the scene is loaded, and props and trophies can be regenerated at the click of a button. The possibilities are endless.

Roof and ceiling

each floor of your building can now specify special roof tiles. Ceiling decoration can also be placed along uneven surfaces. This is convenient for organic structures such as caves.

roof decorations

hang chandeliers, vines, flags, etc.

corners and pillars

add posts, fence posts, etc., in the corner to further control the design.

focus on ease of use

RoomGen is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Create a preset, drag and drop your block and click generate. Your level will be built instantly, and every change you make will be displayed in the editor.

Multi-floor Generation

one button to expand your room height and add multiple floors! Set room presets for each level and build exactly what you want. The

dynamic control allows you to specify the height of each floor, add doors and windows to each floor, and RoomGen will automatically fill each floor for you.

drags the floor to a different order, and RoomGen will rebuild it for you. Reposition the entire floor to make some horizontal changes in your building / dungeon. Use a non-destructive process to quickly design levels and adjustments.

floor-specific projects and characters

work at the boss level? Want to add a treasure chest, but only in the innermost part of the room? You can specify a preset for each level. Just put a boss at the top, or create a whole layer of treasure!

endless customization-

every aspect of the generation process is customizable. Set separate probabilities for each project, specify offsets to handle uneven blocks, and add scale and rotation changes to the project to create a more natural layout. Zoom your room to any size, add high walls with windows, add enemies, trophies, collectibles, etc.!

the perfect dungeon-one of the most difficult parts of the design of the

level is creating change. With just a few presets, you can create endless changes, even the smallest details. Build a room with all the doors, the courtyard, the forest, the boss room, and whatever assets you add to the generator, it will put them together for you. Save your designs as prefabricated parts, and then put them together to build dungeons immediately. The

target generator

quickly distributes props within a circular radius and aligns them to uneven surfaces such as Unity Terrains. TargetGenerators is perfect for filling landscapes! Select your radius, density, and use the same preset for the RoomGenerator component.

densely populated landscape-

RoomGen can build rooms, create dense forests, place NPC, enemies, and so on.

easily create preforms-

after adjusting the settings according to your preferences, click the Save button, and your room will be automatically saved as a preform for future use. This means you can create a complete dungeon room in a few minutes.

3rd party support-

RoomGen is designed for use with any modular tileset.

RoomGen works well with Synty Studios assets!