Unity插件 – 程序化河流 R.A.M 2019 – River Auto Material

2023.12.15 newer version

file size: 1.5 GB


supports Unity version: 2018.3.14 or later

uses flowcharts to create rivers, roads, oceans and lakes. Carve the terrain and texture it automatically. Drag and drop the river material into the grid or our advanced spline tool with profiles, simulation systems, and humidity. Programmable rendering Pipeline (SRP) compatibility

to run HD or URP, LW RP, you need to import the resource bundle into the HD or URP, LW RP project, and then import the support resource pack in the resources in the HD and LW RP support folder. It replaces shaders, preforms, meshes, so it can be used for RP out of the box. Also check out the README file in this folder.

R.A.M 2019 is a rebuilt and extended version of R.A.M that has been on the market for about 2 years. This resource kit allows you to create advanced rivers and lakes, and the flow maps, riverbed shapes and textures are automatically filled. The shader generates a few cascade / waterfall types from the slope of the grid. You can simply drag and drop the river material onto the grid, or you can create it through our Advanced Spline tool, which comes with a data configuration system in which rivers, lakes, streams, and roads have been completed. The simulation option generates the entire river from one point, which analyzes the shape, collision point, and creates the most accurate river shape. With our scripts and shaders, objects can automatically wet when they hit splines or lakes, even during operation-soaked ships or cars drive on lakes, seas, and rivers. The Spline tool can create smooth roads, dirt roads-view picture samples and videos that we can also use as roads. With all the slider bars and options, you can have complete control over each river stage, such as: mirror, smoothness, speed, standard strength, partial surface strength, foam structure, lightness, dark color, water depth, cascades and waterfalls, and many more. You can customize rivers and lakes locally, or mix with other water systems through our vertex painting tool. Using the flow map painter and system, you can easily change the direction of local rivers to avoid stones, etc. The river can flow in every direction, such as U,-U, or V,-V of the mesh UV map. Advanced river drawing tools that can connect / disconnect multiple rivers / lakes / oceans in one place. Shaders can generate designed or realistic rivers and swamps, depending on user settings-the package contains many examples. The reflection comes from the reflection probe. Resources include perfect highly blended HQ ground textures that are best suited for our CTS terrain shader or Unity default HD RP height blending. The resource kit also contains particles and road textures, is also suitable for fountain shading, and supports floating island structures. Object flow maps and vertex color plotters let you create floating islands with waterfalls and correct water movement. API helps create a whole river while the game is running, especially with the help of simulation tools. The

resource kit is compatible with Vegetation Studio and Vegetation Studio Pro. It will cover the leaves through ecological communities or create a complete environment around the river.