Unity插件 – 项目优化工具 Amplify Impostors

2024.05.21 Updated plug-in version

File size: 127.7 MB


Original Unity Version: 2019.4.31 or higher

Amplify Imposters is a powerful tool that uses modern versions of classic billboard technology to build geometrically simplified but volumetrically accurate representations of complex models.

one-click Impostor Maker! Easily optimize your projects with the next generation of Billboard Imposters. What are

Imposters? Imposters are quadrangles, or simple polygonal shapes that face the camera, replacing complex geometry by rendering fake 3D images of the original objects.

Flexible Impostor moves, rotates, scales, receives and converts shadows, interleaves with other objects or Impostor, and can be used on LODGroup or any third-party LOD system.


functions·One-click baking!·Octahedral and spherical Impostor · Billboard Shape Editor·Intelligent mixing between different views·Hardware instantiation·Object intersection depth writing·Forward and deferred rendering·Support for LWRP and HDRP (v4.9.0+) ·Support for URP (v7.1.0+) ·Full light and shadows· Dithered LOD fade-in·Compatible with LODGroup ·Custom material baking