Unity插件 – 快速图标生成器 RapidIcon | In-Editor Icon Generator

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Version: 1.6

Original Unity Version: 2020.2.6 or higher

Icon generator for models and prefabricated works within Unity

RapidIcon is an easy-to-use icon generator/creator for your models and prefabricated

Just navigate to the folder where the model is saved in the project, select the icon to edit, edit it as needed, Then export them

functions include:

automatically detects the full asset of all models and prefab Browser batch edit icons batch export icons modify object position, rotation and zoom in icon modify camera, position and rotation modify object animation (Experimental, requires to be in playback mode and the object must use the Animator component) Orthogonal or perspective camera projection modifies ambient and directional light (Color, direction, and intensity) Apply post-processing shaders to icons (image effect shaders) Includes five post-processing shaders Image overlay Image basemap Mask Transparency Herpes simplex virus supports almost any image effect shaders, so you can create your own shaders or download and save post-processing presets from the store to load later Switch premultiplied alpha at point, and point Switching between bilinear and trilinear filtering changes the export resolution (minimum: 8×8 pixels, maximum: 2048×2048) The icon exported to the project asset folder will automatically set the asset import settings correctly