Unity插件 – 赛道生成器 Race Track Generator

File size: 148.3 MB

Version: 1.3.7

Original Unity Version: 2017.4.31 or later

With the Race Track Generator, it takes only a few seconds to create a track

” can be used immediately: the resulting track comes with buildings, squares, trees, stones, posters, flags, fences, backgrounds and more.


tracks are generated with collision bodies. Collision bodies are separated (zebra crossings, green grass, fences)


to easily add or modify materials for zebra crossings, green grass, trees, etc.

You can add 3D models if needed (bleachers, buildings, trees, etc.) or third-party models

texture graphics and low-draw calls

can include grid combiners

in just one click. Including mini map systems: Including ready-to-use mini map prefab ”

RTG 1.3.5-New features: -Now with more variants: – Now with slopes-Models included in automatically generated waypoints

“include: 19 types of grand viewing stands with spectators 34 types of buildings Real low polygonal tree billboards (can be edited with PSD) flyovers, obstacles, flags, etc.